Lessons Learned From Teaching College Freshmen

1. “My printer broke” has now replaced “The dog ate it” as the top excuse for homework not turned in on time.

2. English composition (“English Comp”) may now be called communication (“COM”).

3. COM employs more communication theory and less actual writing, thereby stimulating (in this observer’s estimation) less powerful communication than did English […]

When the Role Is Called Up Yonder

An old college friend of mine is in mourning. He just lost a distant family member back in Tennessee. However, as is true for many gays, this deceased family member doesn’t feel so distant emotionally. Sometimes it’s our extended family members—or even our friends—who become family. This is especially true when our closest family rejects […]

Restoring a Friendship

Ah, the power of Facebook. One day recently, I received a mysterious Friend request. It had no details, just a name—one I didn’t recognize. Or did I? Something about it was vaguely familiar. Soon afterward, another request came in. This one said, “Could you possibly be the Larry Garland I knew back in my college […]