I was the subject of the following Q&A in the Winter 2012 edition of the Appalachian Community Fund’s quarterly publication,  APPALACTIONS. The first question is copied below.



AS SOMEONE WHO LIVES IN NY,  WHAT DO YOU SEE AS YOUR CONNECTION TO APPALACHIA/THE SOUTH? I was born in middle Tennessee. That’s officially outside the boundaries of Appalachia. But,  my grandfather was born in the Smoky Mountains and lived there for the first half of his life. I’ve seen the Garland tombstones in the Methodist cemetery back at Cades Cove. I grew up in Tennessee sitting on the grass with my cousins under the shade of a maple tree in my grandfather’s front yard as he told stories about the mountains of his youth. He was a storyteller,  and he transported me to his mountains. I’ve lived in New York City for almost a decade,  but I love the mountains for their natural beauty and the people for their spirit of determination.


Appalachian Community Fund







Quote Unquote

“Larry is an extremely gift[ed] writer and editor with impeccable attention to detail. He is a valuable asset to any team and is a pleasure to work with.”

September 29, 2010—Peter Noah, Senior Designer, Citi


“Larry is a terrific editor who can polish copy so that it shines. He is diligent and thoughtful, paying attention to the smallest of detail to make sure it is right.”

April 6, 2010—Jeff Laderman, Senior Investments Editor, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney


“Larry is a rigorous, thorough, detail-oriented writer and editor with a keen ear for language and years of experience honing messages for corporate clients. Larry took over from me a quarterly task for our most important client, and I trusted his judgment and skill innately. He is an energetic, intellectually stimulating colleague who takes pride in and responsibility for his work, while treating his peers with respect and camaraderie.”

April 7, 2010—Christopher Molanphy, Director, Gargiulo + Partners



“Larry and I are both writers, but we suffered through algebra together as college freshmen and came through with flying colors! His was always an opinion that mattered to me, and I believe his intelligence and good humor have been key to his success through the years.”

April 6, 2010—Melanie LeMay, Student, University of North Alabama